American Home-School Publishing
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Phone: (816) 632-1503
About Us

American Home-School Publishing was established in 1994 to bring homeschooling families the best selection of educational resources possible. We believe that as homeschooling families, you are taking your God-given responsibilities for the education of your children seriously. We intend to provide you with serious help. In some cases we have found that the best resources for home-school use were published in the 19th century – we are reprinting some of the best of these. We are very sensitive to avoid secular concepts of evolution science, historical revisionism that denigrates our cultural heritage, and materials that have been “dumbed down” to the point that they no longer challenge our children. We believe that self-esteem derives from having accomplished good (hard) works consistent with God's law. By helping you, as parent teachers, we hope to contribute to the preparation of this generation. 

In 2005, we moved our business from Northern Virginia to Missouri. Here we have reduced costs for land, labor, capital, and taxes, looking to pass our savings on to our customers. This move also reduced our average delivery time throughout the United States by one day. Since then we have changed our focus from a retail business selling curriculum to a whole-sale publishing company focused on supplemental historical works. As always, our commitment to the home-school community will be to release quality products at a reasonable price.