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Theras and His Town, by Caroline Dale Snedeker (Ancient Greece)

Young Theras, born an Athenian with all the rights, privileges, and freedoms this entails, is taken to Sparta by a relative when his father is lost at war. He is forced to live like a Spartan, a brutal life with no pity for those who are not physically perfect and totally obedient to Spartan control. After enduring rigorous training and repeated cruel incidents, he escapes with a Perioikoi boy and heads for Athens. After a hard and dangerous journey including escape from slavers, and at the end of his strength, Theras encounters Herodotus who takes both boys to Athens. There, Theras is reunited with his family and their confiscated property is restored.
This book helps the young reader understand and internalize the differences between the cultures of Athens and Sparta—a difference that is central to a good comprehension of ancient Greek history. (208 pages) Ages 10-15
ISBN: 0-9667067-9-X AHSP# 5300
Retail Price………..$14.95

A Triumph for Flavius, by Caroline Dale Snedeker (Rome)

This is a touching story of a young Roman boy, Flavius, and his developing compassion for his captured Greek slave Ariphron. Ariphron was given to Flavius by his father, General Lucius Mummius, at the time of the father’s public triumph for his victories in Greece and Corinth. You will learn about Roman culture by observing Flavius’ relationships with his family among the sights and sounds of Rome. Drama, personal development, tragedy, hope, compassion, triumph—this story has it all in a form easily understood by the young reader.
This book is a wonderful introduction to the study of ancient Rome. Bring this culture to life—don’t just teach language, emperors, wars and dates.
(64 pages) Ages 8-11
ISBN: 978-0-9779000-7-7 AHSP# 4822
Retail Price……..$11.95

The White Isle, by Caroline Dale Snedeker (Roman Britain)

The White Isle is Britain—a barbaric land to the patrician Claudian family exiled from Hadrian’s Rome, but an island of strange enchantment and stirring adventures to Lavinia, their daughter. Because Favonius, Lavinia’s father, had been too much in sympathy with the old Republic and had protested when the Emperor proposed to take the street Favonius’ house was on to expand his palace, Favonius incurred the Emperor’s disfavor, and was suddenly appointed “legatus” to far away Britain. After sad farewells and an abrupt cancellation of Lavinia’s wedding, the whole family began their long journey along the Roman roads through Gaul, across the channel to the white cliffs of the British coast. The contrast between the cultures of the early British Christians with the pagan Roman aristocracy, and Lavinia’s conversion to Christianity, make a dramatic setting for this novel.
The White Isle was one of the first books to bring young people a spirited picture of Roman life in Gaul and Britain.
(210 pages) Ages 11-Adult
ISBN: 0-9667067-3-0 AHSP# 5897
Retail Price…….$14.95

Lysis Goes to the Play, by Caroline Dale Snedeker (Ancient Greece)

Here is a gentle story, motivated by sibling love and ending happily, that explores the culture of pagan Athenian society in the time of Euripides. Lysis and his sister Callisto go to a play during the festival of Dionysus, breaking many of the societal restrictions on the roles of boys and girls, children and adults. The roles of men and women, free men of other city-states, Athenian citizens, and slaves come into focus. The pantheon of Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes is seen through the eyes of these children.
This story provides an opportunity to discuss ancient Greek civilization in a more personal and critical way than just memorizing the mythology.
(62 pages) Ages 8-11
ISBN: 0-9667067-4-9 AHSP# 7577
Retail Price……..$8.95

The Beckoning Road, by Caroline Dale Snedeker (19th Century America)

The Beckoning Road, by Caroline Dale Snedeker is an exciting and romantic sequel to the Newbery Honor Book, Downright Dencey. The history of the United States, from the colonial era to the present day has been scattered with various attempts to create a utopian society that would avoid historical injustices in the affairs of its inhabitants. This is the continuing story of the coming of age of a young Quaker girl (Dencey Coffyn) against an historically accurate background of one such Utopian experiment—the 1825 founding of New Harmony, Indiana.
Dencey’s travels from Nantucket Island, through Philadelphia and New York, across the great forest of Ohio to Indiana were filled with hope, fear, excitement, conflict, love, illness and desperation. Her memories were filled with Jetsam—the first boy who kissed her—and who was away on a four-year whaling voyage. He wanted her to wait for his return, yet she had to go West with her family and would not be there when he came back. Dencey’s father Tom was fulfilling his dream of becoming a zoologist by joining in the founding of New Harmony. Dencey would learn of her talent for art and as she learned it, it would fill her with joy. But the conflicts of cultures between her Quaker upbringing and the new utopian community would both invigorate and try her soul. And the new young men she met in New Harmony, young, exciting, literate, courageous, filled with imagination—would they drive a wedge between Dencey and Jetsam? (222 pages) Ages 12-Adult
ISBN: 978-09779000-5-3 AHSP# 8902
Retail Price........$15.95

Caesar's Gallic War, by Olivia Coolidge (Rome)

“Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War are among the most interesting historical books which the Romans have left us. It is not often that a commander of Caesar’s fame has the ability to write so well. His firsthand account, written in an extraordinarily simple, clear style, gives us a picture of the Gallic War which may be taken from the Roman point of view, but which is real. Reading Caesar, we know what he knew—how the Gallic War actually was.” —Book introduction.
In 1961, Olivia Coolidge wrote this account, both factual and fictional, of the Gallic War of 58 to 51 B.C., narrated by a fictitious soldier in Caesar’s army, which provides a more vivid and readable account for today’s children. This book, for more than 40 years, has been one of the finest introductions to Caesar, Roman civilization, and the Gallic War available to children. (240 pages) Ages 11-Adult
ISBN: 0-9779000-2-9 AHSP# 1015
Retail Price........$15.95

Lives of Famous Romans, by Olivia Coolidge (Rome)

   Olivia Coolidge provides us with a panoramic view of Roman history through biographies of twelve of the most powerful, brilliant, influential, and well-placed men spanning 450 years of the Roman Empire: Cicero, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Vergil, Horace, Nero, Seneca, Trajan, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Diocletion, and Constantine.
   Her methodology is similar to that employed in Plutarch’s Lives, but is focused across a wider range of history with a better perspective of the ultimate impact their experiences will prove to have on the ascension and endurance of the Empire.
   “The history of the Romans is to a large extent a history of the people. The heart of the Empire is Rome, a single city where every important person knows everyone else. It is also a city where character counts for much.” —Olivia Coolidge
   What better way can the interplay of character and events be viewed than through the lives of those who shaped the Empire and ultimately Western European Civilization. (222 pages ) Ages 12-Adult
ISBN: 978-09779000-6-0 AHSP# 5689
Retail Price........$15.95

Twelve Bright Trumpets, by Margaret Leighton (Europeon Middle Ages)

Margaret Leighton has created twelve wonderful historical fiction stories that span the Middle Ages, from the withdrawal of the Roman Legions from Britain to the fall of Venice as “Queen of the Sea”.
The heroes and heroines of these stories are young people set in the dramatic events that have shaped Western Civilization. “The settings, the customs and ideas of the people pictured here are as true to the period as long and careful study could make them. Whenever an historical figure does appear, like Vortigern or Charlemagne or Alfred, he is doing what records tell us that he actually did do.” — Foreword
These stories inspire courage, love, endurance, hope, industry, and many other virtues. They are also one of the best tools to teach the history and sequence of the Middle Ages to children.
(pp.198) Ages 10-16
ISBN: 0-9667067-5-7 AHSP# 8202
Retail Price…….$14.95

The Boys’ and Girls’ Herodotus, by John S. White, LL.D. (Ancient Greece)

Here is our reprint of a great 1884 classic that will bring Herodotus to life for Middle School students. Herodotus has been described as the father of history. He was born at Halicarnassus, in 484 B.C. and died at Thurium in Italy about the year 425 B.C. The design of Herodotus was to record the struggles between the Greeks and the barbarians, but in carrying it out, (as Wheeler the English analyst of the writings of Herodotus, has happily expressed it), “he is perpetually led to trace the cause of the great events of his history; to recount the origin of that mighty contest between liberty and despotism which marked the whole period; to describe the wondrous manners and mysterious religions of nations, and the marvelous geography and fabulous productions of the various countries, as each appeared in the great arena…” The 2009 third printing of the book now contains a 48 page student’s index.
(448 pages) Ages 11-Adult
ISBN: 978-0-99670-670-3 AHSP# 3081
Retail Price……..$22.00

Hey, Mac! This is serious business! A guy could get killed!, by William F. McMurdie (WWII)

“If the battle was to be won, it was finally up to the Infantry to do the job. Here is the story from one such Infantryman, William F McMurdie, from induction ‘till discharge, in training, in combat, and as an occupation soldier. It includes the Battle of the Bulge, the advance to the Rhine, the Remagen Bridgehead, and more.”
Here is an accurate autobiography by a young Christian infantryman caught up in WWII, recounted and remembered from letters sent home some 50 years earlier. This is a book you can give to your Middle School or older student to show them what the war was like from the bottom up, rather than from the General’s view down. Bill tells the story with a sense of drama and urgency, hope and fear, without getting overly graphic with the horror in a way that might hurt younger children.
(239 pages with photos) Ages 11-Adult
ISBN 0-9779000-1-0 AHSP# 4844
Retail Price……$14.95

Land of the Morning, by Jean McAnlis McMurdie (WWII)

“Picturing life in the pre-World War II Philippines, the author introduces the reader to her beloved Islands and to a life in a rural Christian mission station of the 1930’s. Wrenched from her tranquil home when the Japanese soldiers invaded her hometown just four days after Pearl Harbor, she and her brother David and sister Ruth are sent to join the other mission families hiding in the hill country. Their father and mother stay behind with the mission’s hospital patients. Jean was thrust abruptly from a carefree childhood into the realities of WAR - a daybreak escape to the hills, months of hiding, a betrayal to the Japanese, years of internment, humiliation, privation, and a thrilling rescue at dawn. Move with her from Santo Tomas and Los Banos internment camps to eventual freedom.”
(153 pages with photos) Ages 11-Adult
ISBN 0-9667067-7-3 AHSP# 5719
Retail Price……$14.95